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With nearly 1,500 BioGuard retailers across the country, consumers trust BioGuard pool and spa care professionals for dependable, accurate and helpful advice. With regular access to education and training, BioGuard dealers continue to be recognized as the industry experts. Want to learn more? Hear directly from our dealers! See their BioGuard experiences below.

Our products make the difference

Our premium, innovative pool and spa care products are differentiated to set you apart from your competition. And BioGuard’s simple system approach gives you the advantage by providing your customers with effective and easy ways to maintain crystal clear, sparkling water.

Our solutions make the difference

BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis and we have continued to research and refine the process. ALEX® is our exclusive, revolutionary software that analyzes test results, figures proper treatment and yields product suggestions and instructions and is one of the best ways to sell BioGuard products.

Dealer Testimonials

Kara Redden and Ryan Fitzpatrick, A Little R & R Pools, Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Back in 2007 we went through major changes in our family business due to illness. One of those changes was our decision to partner with Bioguard for our water care line. This was a huge change for us as we had been with our previous partner for 25 years and had long lasting relationships already established.

But we decided we needed to shake things up and go in a different direction. We wanted a higher level of understanding within the products we sold and problems we solved. And we needed a partner that wouldn’t stop at just helping us sell water care. We took the plunge and are still very happy we did.

The technology of their water care system (ALEX) is very advanced. It is easy to use, providing a personalized prescription to each and every client based upon their needs so we are not guessing what the issues are or having our clients buy unneeded chemicals. And it works! Many of our long-time clients tell us that they have never had such care-free sparkling water.

The education they provide to our company is fantastic, and well informed. All our new store hires are required to take the online certification training from BioGuard before they speak with clients or use the water testing facility. Thanks to BioGuard we have well-versed employees who have extensive knowledge on every product and potential problem. This is integral to our positioning in the market and we are forever thankful for their involvement and interest in expanding our company’s opportunities.

Michelle Rispolie, Colonial Pools & Recreation,
Ajax, Ontario

We have been carrying BioGuard's swimming pool and spa chemical line for many years with much success. We offer these products to our customers because they work, and essentially makes pool and spa care very easy. Along with all the marketing tools and support provided, we know that our customers will not only be looked after by us, but by the BioGuard team as well. They stand behind their products and so do we.

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