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The Impact of the 2021 Chlorine Shortage

Last summer’s devastating hurricane in Louisiana damaged our plant in Lake Charles, which produces much of the key ingredients used in pool and spa chlorine products for North America.

That event has resulted in a widespread shortage of chlorine tabs this year. While the plant is being rebuilt and is expected to reopen next spring, the anticipated strain may limit how many of our BioGuard® products are available over the next several months.


What Can You Expect?

BioGuard Dealers are better positioned to have an adequate supply of chlorine products than just about anyone else. And, should supplies drop lower than expected, they are well equipped and trained to offer solutions and advice to help you manage through the situation.


How Can I Find a BioGuard Dealer?

This website has a “Find a Dealer” feature at the top of every page, or you can simply click the button below and enter your postal code and find the closest BioGuard Dealer. They are the Trusted Pool Care Experts – and they’re local!


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