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Waterline Build-up

What is it?

A greasy coating on the walls along the waterline of the pool is evidence that there is a saturation of undissolved materials in the water while a ring of rough patches may be a sign of scale. Most of the time, oils, lotions and other organic contaminants that enter the water via swimmers cause the greasy build-up. Scale conditions are due to hard water problems or failure to correct water balance issues. Please visit the Scale troubleshooting​ section for more info on that problem.

To remove waterline build-up:

  • Add Pool Tonic™​ to remove contaminants such as oils, lotions and grease
  • Add Scale Inhibitor​ to gradually remove scale from pool surfaces
  • Use a brush and Off The Wall®​ to quickly clean surfaces near the waterline

To remove contaminants:

  • Add Pool Complete™​ to your weekly maintenance routine to help keep surfaces cleaner
  • Backwash filter when necessary

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