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Sanitizers to Clean Water

Killing bacteria and preventing algae is a vital step

Sanitizers are the key ingredients of proper pool maintenance. Chlorine and bromine keep the water clear, protected from bacteria and help control algae. This is the first part of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System and the BioGuard Smart PAK program.

The SilkGuard Complete® advantage

  • The best BioGuard sanitizers feature SilkGuard technology and are found ONLY at BioGuard dealers
  • Makes water soft and smooth
  • Prevents scaling, protects against corrosion and metal staining
  • Protects pool equipment for longer life

For routine weekly application that provides BioGuard’s best performance

Smart SilkGuard® Sticks

  • This unique compressed blue sanitizer stick dissolves much slower when the pump is turned off, using our Smart Technology. They last up to twice as long in your skimmer
  • Provides soft and smooth water
  • With Stabilizer 100 to protect chlorine from sunlight, so you use less
  • Part of the BioGuard Smart PAK program

For routine application that provides great performance

SilkGuard® Sticks

  • Sticks offer steady release of free chlorine residual that won’t cloud water
  • Provides soft and smooth water
  • Floater, skimmer and chlorinator use

Power Pucks®

  • Sanitizes, clarifies and improves water quality with an easy-to-use tab
  • Unique blend of chlorine-tolerant clarifiers
  • Contains water enhancing agents

Power Chlor®

  • Patented, easy-to-use, multi-functional granular sanitizer
  • Excellent alternative to calcium-hypochoride products
  • Broadcast use (white plaster pools only) or skimmer use

For routine application that provides basic performance

BioGuard Basic Tab

  • White, compressed trichlor 3" tablets
  • For general cleaning and protection
  • Floater, skimmer and chlorinator use

A chlorine-free alternative

Brominating Tablets

  • Ideal sanitizer for indoor pools with chemical odours, highly effective for above-ground and in-ground pools as well
  • Excellent alternative to chlorinating products
  • Applied through a brominator

Still not sure which sanitizer is best for you?

Your BioGuard Dealer can recommend the right product to fit your unique needs.

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