Professional Quality Pool Care Products

Pool Care Kits

Simplify your pool care

You should be able to relax and enjoy your swimming pool without having to spend a lot of time taking care of it. We understand. That’s why we’ve developed a pool care system that gives great looking water available in a kit for every purpose.

Treat your pool with ease

Smart PAK

  • Convenient package with the Once-a-Week care system three steps of sanitizer – Smart SilkGuard Sticks, Banish algicide and Smart shock
  • Provides the right amount of product and all direction needed
  • Works best with skimmer application

Start the season right

BioGuard Opening Kit

  • Prepare for the season
  • Build a chlorine residual with Power Chlor
  • Prevent algae early with Banish Algicide
  • Treats pools up to 80 000L

Close your pool the right way

Hibernate® Closing Kits

  • Offered in two different sizes, one treats 40 000L and the second treats 80 000L
  • Both kits contain Hiber Shock and Hibernate Algaecide
  • Convenient winterization guide included, with step-by-step instructions

Hibernate® Deluxe Closing Kit

  • Contains one 1L bottle of Hibernate Algecide, two bags of Hiber Shock and one 1L bottle of Hibernate Stain & Scale Inhibitor
  • Designed for most in-ground pools
  • Specially formulated for winter conditions
  • Treats up to 80 000L

Don’t see what you are looking for ?

Your BioGuard Dealer can customize the right products to fit your needs.