Answers to Basic Pool Questions


What is it?

Foam can be caused by applying a foaming algaecide in pools with jetted returns, attached spas or water features. Foaming can also be caused by a foreign contaminant such as soap or oil entering the pool or the build-up of organic contaminants in the pool water. Foam should dissipate over time, but the use of anti-foaming agents will help clear the foam much more rapidly.

To eliminate foaming:

  • Apply Anti Foam to get rid of foam quickly
  • Add Pool Tonic™ to remove contaminants that may be causing the foam

To prevent foaming:

  • Switch to a non-foaming algaecide such as Banish®
  • Shock/oxidize routinely
  • Add Pool Complete™ to your weekly maintenance routine to reduce contaminant levels

Do you have a problem that you don’t see listed?

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